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Does anyone get on a plane, a train or even a bus these days and not start a travel blog?

There are big blogs, small blogs, blogs for those who want to be an eternal nomad and blogs for those who just want a few tips for a weekend city break. Cut price or luxury, families or lone rangers, there’s something for everyone.

But how do you cut through the noise and find the ones worth reading? Here are a few of our favourites.

The luxe behemoth: A Luxury Travel Blog


Image source: A Luxury Travel Blog

A Luxury Travel Blog is a great big jumbo jet of a site. Sitting in the captain’s chair is Paul Johnson but you’ll find the work of more than 400 writers on this huge blog. It clocks up more than 250,000 unique visitors a month and has 530,000 Twitter followers.

It’s no surprise this is pretty authoritative – Cumbria-based Johnson has worked in the industry for 25 years. It does what it says on the tin, focusing on all areas of luxury travel, from private islands to the best hotels in any destination.

It’s not the easiest site to navigate and it’s certainly not the best-designed but it wins big points for ‘browsability’ – just a quick scroll down the current home page and we were seduced by 6 of the World’s Most Unique Hotel Gyms, 6 Alternative Ways to Experience California and A Safe and Undisturbed Haven for the Solo Woman for starters.


The spiritual storyteller: This Battered Suitcase


Image source: This Battered Suitcase

Brenna Holeman’s blog, on the other hand, takes a spiritual and storytelling approach to travel. It’s evocative and witty, honest and inspiring.

Wander through This Battered Suitcase to spark off a chronic case of wanderlust; The Last Time I Saw You series is a collection of poignant snapshots of travel romances, while You Will Question Your Role as Traveller conjures up the sights, smells, tastes and feelings of Varanasi in India.


The adrenaline junkie: Beyond Blighty


Image source: Beyond Blighty

Is anyone as adventurous as Arianwen Morris? There may be a few but if anyone’s going to inspire you to dial up the challenge quotient it’s the itchy-footed woman behind Beyond Blighty.

She claims to have a fear of heights but has managed to clock up bungee jumps, a skydive and piloting an aerobatic stunt plane. She’s rafted over a 7m waterfall, been sucked under rapids while river sledging and ziplined during a tropical thunderstorm.

And that’s just the highlights. If you’re an adventurer yourself, you’ll love the pointers towards high adrenalin. Alternatively, you can just live vicariously from the comfort of your sofa, biting your fingernails while reading posts such as Highest Bungee in New Zealand and Biggest Swing in the World.


The responsible voyager: Travel with Kat


Image source: Travel with Kat

Big, beautiful photographs and a down to earth approach characterise Kathryn Burrington’s blog Travel with Kat.

What makes it different is her passion for human rights and sustainable tourism. A winner of the AITO Responsible Tourism Award for her work in the Gambia, Kat takes away at least some of the eco-guilt induced by travellers.

It’s by no means worthy or preachy and most posts wear their green credentials very lightly. Even so, it’s good to check out her guide to responsible bucket lists and a hard-hitting but practical piece about the trophy hunting of captive lions in South Africa.


The savvy parent: Space in Your Case


Image source: Space in Your Case

The Space in Your Case team understand parents. Written by four mums, it’s packed with tips and advice on travelling with children. So far, so invaluable. But the clever writers have also included child-free and date night sections in their easy-to-navigate blog, helping parents make the very most of their time away from the little darlings.

The bulk of it is family-focused though – and it’s a great resource, with posts most parents will leap upon joyfully, such as 36 Cool Places to Visit in England with Kids and City Breaks Perfect for Families.


For more travel inspiration, check out our guide to the best weekend brunch spots around the world.


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