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The world’’s most delicious

scented candles for your table



“’Man loves company – even if it is only that of a small burning candle.”’

So said the German scientist Georg C Lichtenberg.

Whether it is just you and the candle, the rare treat of an intimate evening for two, or an enchanting al fresco party night huddled round the fire pit, the warm glow of candlelight somehow transforms any event from mundane to magical.

But it’s not just the light that creates an ambience worth remembering – today’s scented candles offer a fragrance quality that’s as finely balanced as the eau de parfum of any major perfume house.

Our guide to creating the perfect combination of soft lighting and layered scent will help you summon up any mood you require.

On arrival

The moment your guests arrive is the most powerful – that’’s the time you want to be warming their senses, creating an abrupt change of mood from the hustle outside. The fragrance you choose depends on the ambience you’re looking for…

To allure and enchant: Fornasetti, Labbra

A herbaceous mixture of thyme, lavender, cedarwood, orris and incense, which releases a clean, rustic charm; perfect to make guests feel at peace in your home. What’’s more, the candle’’s ceramic container is adorned with signature Fornasetti prints, reinvented for the modern home. Truly striking.


To uplift and refresh: Wedgwood, Butterfly Bloom gardenia and peony

The heady scent of gardenia works beautifully with the sweet aroma of peony. Perfect for infusing your home with the sensuous atmosphere of a summer evening.


To calm and content: The White Company, Symons

The sheer simplicity of this cosy, clean scent is the point here. Guests will feel soothed by the pairings of cashmere and white amber with crisp cotton cedarwood and dainty peony.

Screen shot 2015-11-18 at 16.08.55

Aroma in dining

The best luxury scented candles often borrow their aromas from the woodlands, garden or meadow. But while a punch of white jasmine works perfectly in the lounge, bathroom or bedroom, it may not be quite such a complement to your tuna carpaccio on the dining table.

No matter how much you love the smell of wild fig, if it’s all you can smell while you’re eating, the candle is a guest that’s outstayed his welcome.

There are stunning candles you can burn, however, that will actually complement the food you prepare – but they must be subtle.

To invigorate and lift: Jo Malone, Wood sage and sea salt

The earthy woodiness of sage makes a beautiful accompaniment to a succulent fish dish. Imagine an invigorating walk along the coast, followed by fresh sea bass.

Jo Malone

To freshen and brighten: Diptyque, Verveine

A slight touch of lemon, without being too dry, warm or sharp means this candle complements seafood, chicken and an array of fresh herbs. The merest hint of cinnamon stops it being too citrus-like, adding a clean, refreshing scent to your dinner party.


To spice and excite: Molton Brown, Black peppercorn

With a top note of refreshing coriander, the spicy aromas of black peppercorns invigorate without overpowering. Blended with notes of ginger, amber and bergamot, it’s a great winter warmer.


To keep things simple: Wedgwood, Vera Wang with Love Noir hurricane candle

All this aside, for some passionate cooks, the rich scent of a sausage and fennel ragu or the nutty sweetness of a fresh pecan pie should simply not be compromised.

If that’’s the case for you, stock up on unscented pillar candles, pop into stylish lanterns such as this ultra chic piece designed by Vera Wang and let the soft glow of candlelight showcase your impressive work, unaccompanied by additional fragrance.



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