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Statement Dining | February 28, 2016 |

The new comfort:

a fresh take on hot puddings



Giving sweet comfort, hot puddings can elevate a meal to new heights. And while we love to revisit old classics, we’re also craving something new to try.

Luckily, new styles of hot pudding are appearing in restaurants and kitchens up and down the country – and we just can’t get enough.

Apricot & pistachio crumble


Image source: Poires au Chocolat

Rhubarb, blackcurrant and apple is the go-to fruit for a traditional crumble, but Emma Gardner of award-winning food blog Poires au Chocolat turns this classic pudding upside down, incorporating fresh new flavours.

Although she recommends serving with ice cream for a balanced summer dish, you can easily whip up a batch of fresh vanilla-laced custard during the colder months – and you can’t go wrong with Nigella Lawson’s foolproof recipe.

Serve in: Make the orange and red apricot colours pop, with the Palladian bowl.


Boozy espresso chocolate pudding


Image source: The Cake Hunter

This is one for the coffee lovers.

Chocolate and coffee have long been married together – so it’s no surprise that this sweet concoction works so well.

The Cake Hunter, otherwise know as Sophie Hunter, has created this hot mess, teeming with sweet flavour. The light cake offsets the rich sauce, and it’s all topped off with a fragrant ice cream.

Serve in: Add contrasting colours to your pudding, with the blue, white and gold shades of the Renaissance bowl.


Strawberry and Reisling upside-down sponge


Image source: What Katie Ate

In this recipe, championed by the What Katie Ate blog and created by Julia Taylor, traditional pineapple is ditched in favour of Britain’s favourite summer berry – the strawberry.

A different take on your average sponge pudding, this sticky creation makes for an divine dinner party finale. Counter the hot pudding with a dose of cold double cream for a sweet note to finish on.

Serve in: This photo-friendly dish deserves a stylish backdrop – opt for the chic Arris bowl.


Pecan sticky buns


Image source: The Boy Who Bakes

With the Great British Bake Off winner accolade under his belt, it’s no wonder that Edd Kimber has had roaring success with his baking blog, The Boy Who Bakes. And his inventive streak has resulted in this hearty pud.

A cousin of the British classic, sticky toffee pudding, this recipe uses a brioche dough, littered with pecans and cinnamon for a sweet, nutty taste.

Serve on: Plates don’t get more stylish than Arris’ octagonal version.


Butternut squash and apple strudel


Image source: Veggie Desserts

Hailing from Vienna, this pudding is from Kate Hackworthy – the brains behind the ever-popular Veggie Desserts blog.

Adding butternut squash, almonds and dried cranberries to the recipe makes for a crunchy texture along with a hearty mix of grown-up flavours.

Serve in: Present your strudel in the decadent Cornucopia dish.

Churros with a chilli chocolate dip


Image source: Anne’s Kitchen

While churros have not traditionally graced British pudding menus, the choux-based dish has soared in popularity – so why not add it to your dinner party menu?

This wickedly naughty dessert cranks up the heat with the addition of fresh red chilli in the recipe from Anne’s Kitchen.

Serve in: Ditching tableware, serve up your delicious churros in Arris tumblers for a polished finish.


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