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Afternoon Tea | May 17, 2016 |

Tea for all seasons:

go beyond the breakfast blends


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It’s the cup of comfort that soothes troubled souls and warms cockles. But there’s more to Dr Tea than a straightforward breakfast blend.

Whatever your mood, we’ve got just the blend for you.

  1. For a touch of the blues: Earl Grey

Forget comfort carbs and sugary treats, the bergamot in quality Earl Grey tea – try Wedgwood’s own blend – has natural aromatherapy qualities.


Best sipped from: Archive Collection Pink Cameo mug, finished with gold and intricately-detailed florals.


  1. For lethargy: Green

Dreaded post-lunch slump left your energy in tatters? Green tea contains not only caffeine but also two other stimulants – theobromine and theophylline.


Chinese medicine rates its antioxidants to treat headaches, depression, weight loss, high cholesterol, cardiovascular disease, cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. For the ultimate pick-me-up, try 1870 Golden Rose tea, which is blended with rosebuds and gold petals for a strawberry flavour.

Best sipped from: The Eastern florals and bird motifs of the Cuckoo collection, taking inspiration from an early 19th century Wedgwood pattern book.

  1. For a health boost: English breakfast

Not just a brew to be enjoyed first thing, the nation’s staple contains Assam, Ceylon and Kenyan, rich in antioxidants thought to reduce heart attack and stroke risk.


Wedgwood’s English Breakfast tea is a carefully balanced blend of the three leaves – a classic black tea.

Best sipped from: A timeless English classic – the fine bone china Wild Strawberry teacup.

  1. For insomnia: Chamomile or Oolong

Mildly sedative, a soothing mug of chamomile tea is the perfect pre-bedtime drink, particularly as it’s believed to have anti-anxiety and anti-depression properties.


The Taste of History 2010 Pashmina tea blends Oolong tea with orange pieces and orange blossoms to create a gentle tea to calm at any time.

Best sipped from: The delicate and romantic Daisy Tea Story teacup and saucer.

  1. For stress and bloating: Peppermint

Its menthol content acts as a muscle relaxant, making for a perfect natural remedy when a case of bloating or nausea  hits (including morning sickness) or a bad day has left you feeling anxious.


Try the Tea Garden Green Tea with Mint for a soothing antioxidant boost.

Best sipped from: The fresh, whimsical Butterfly Bloom teapot.

  1. For inspiration: Exotic blends

Shake your imagination out of its routine by trying out innovative or unusual tea blends. The late Lord Piers Wedgwood (a direct descendant of Josiah himself) did just that with a range of teas he developed to share his family’s tea history more widely.

For a real brain boost, his 1759 blend packs a smoky punch by mixing green gunpowder tea with China Keemun, China Lapsang Souchong, hibiscus, jasmine flowers and bergamot.


If you’re still struggling, chocolatier Paul A Young’s tea and chocolate pairings are sure to get the synapses snapping.

Best sipped from: The strikingly bold Archive Collection Pink Rococo mug.



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