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Stylish Weekends | November 14, 2016 |

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Beautiful gifts for teens and tinies



It’s not always easy to buy for younger family members: their tastes are just beginning to form and their interests change as rapidly as their social media profiles.

But choosing quality gifts for them not only shows your love but also gives them an important touch of indulgence they’ll cherish for years.

Our selection of this year’s finest gifts for younger people shortlists a few items that you’ll enjoy giving – and they’ll love long beyond Boxing Day.

For tinies

1. The Royal Rabbits of London



Image: Hive

Described as The Hobbit meets Fantastic Mr Fox meets Watership Down, this charming book by Santa and Simon Sebag Montefiore (Hive, £6.99) proves even the smallest rabbit can be the biggest hero.

Kate Hindley’s characterful illustrations bring the adventure to life, as little Shylo Rabbit races to London to alert the Royal Rabbits of London to a dastardly plan to take a photo of the queen in her nightie.

2. Nutcracker biscuit tin

sharejoybiscuiteersImage: Biscuiteers

We love Biscuiteers charming range of sweet treats. They’re certainly not just for youngsters either, with everything from beer to new babies celebrated in their iced biscuits.

But children adore their icing parties at the biscuit ‘boutiques’ in Notting Hill and Northcote Road. If you can’t make it, this Nutcracker biscuit tin (£35) will lend a flavour of their uniquely quirky Christmas to your little one’s stocking.

3. Peter Rabbit children’s tea set

wedgwood-peter-rabbit-childrens-teaset-701587014540Wedgwood’s iconic rendering of the classic Beatrix Potter characters may be classed as nurseryware but it’s made from the finest porcelain.

Cups, teapots and accessories are available to buy separately but this adorable little set with its own carry case (£85) conjures up timeless images of the ultimate teddy bear’s picnic.

Bagpuss by Peter Firmin (limited edition print)

sharejoyBagpussImage: V&A

Created exclusively for the V&A to celebrate this year’s exhibition Clangers, Bagpuss & Co at the Museum of Childhood, these limited edition lino-cuts (£85) are from a run of 200 prints, signed and numbered by artist Peter Firmin.

Printed by hand on an 1861 Albion Press on 100% cotton Somerset paper, it’s a sweet way to introduce the latest generation to the genius of a man who created so many characters from our own childhoods.

For teens

1. National Gallery Monopoly

sharejoyNationalGalleryImage: National Gallery

Art history A-level may be on its way out but the National Gallery’s own Monopoly edition (£29.95) sneaks a cultural education into them, while they play at being art dealers.

Start with 13th century paintings and journey towards post-impressionism with Van Gough and Rousseau, via renaissance masterpieces by Leonardo and Raphael. Buy and build an art collection to make your gallery prosper but don’t forget your cafe and gift shop – as well as brokering deals and snapping up bargains at auction. Oh – and grind your rivals into bankruptcy too, of course.

2. Shrimps McGruff mascot

sharejoyShrimpsImage: Shrimps

Shrimps, the faux-fur brand sported ubiquitously by every fashionista, is a teen dream. A quirky bubblegum pallette and cartoonish illustrations tread the tightrope between fun and achingly cool.

It’s spawned a thousand imitators but this McGruff mascot (£75) is the real thing, lending cachet to school bag, coat zip, pencil case or keys.

3. Jane Koenig pearl ear cuff

sharejoyJaneKoenigImage: Fab le Frique

Danish designer Jane Koenig’s unique mix of precious and non-precious materials, high end and rockstar styles and contemporary and traditional aesthetics have made her a firm global favourite.

This rose-gold plated silver ear cuff (£120) is the perfect teen gift – edgy but pretty. And with no permanent holes in ears to upset schools and maiden aunts.

4. Ultimate Ears Boom 2

sharejoyUltimateEarsImage: Ultimate Ears

Explosive sound is the promise from this particular cherry bomb ( £169.99) (other colours and styles are available) – a go-anywhere wireless speaker with a USP that claims it’s festival-proof, water-proof and beach-proof. This thing will even float in the pool, while still pumping out music.

The brand has a carefully-cultivated crazy party-people vibe but the products themselves have impressed serious music buffs and garnered rave reviews.


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