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Stylish Weekends | January 13, 2016 |

From cloud watching to SoundCloud:

sights and sounds to accompany your brunch



When did we stop cloud-watching? Isn’’t it time we slowed down our frenetic lives and spent a few of our precious minutes simply gazing up at something we take for granted every day?

We’’ve hand-picked a beautiful SoundCloud track to accompany each cloud type, for the perfect meditative experience.


Latin: cirrus – lock or tuft of hair

These high clouds are wispy, hairlike and during the day, they’’re the whitest in the sky. At sunset or dawn, they may take on the sun’’s colours.

Listen to: Ambient Musical Genre, A Cerulean State – To Where The Traces Of My Dreams Remained



Latin: cirrus – lock or tuft of hair; cumulus – heap

Second of the high clouds, these are lots of little white clouds grouped together. They often look like ripples or honeycomb in the sky and are made almost entirely from ice crystals.

Listen to: Korg, SI12 flute & guitar



Latin: cirrus – lock or tuft of hair; stratus – flattened or spread out

These transparent high clouds cover large areas of sky – sometimes thousands of miles. They sometimes produce white or coloured rings, spots or arcs of light around the sun or moon. This halo phenomena is sometimes the only indication that these thin clouds are there.

They normally cast a shadow, which can help distinguish them from nimbostratus clouds.

Listen to: Adham Safena II, Fade to white



Latin: altum – height; cumulus – heap

The first of the mid-level clouds, altocumulus are small, rounded clouds. They’’re white or grey and you’’ll notice shading on the sides away from the sun.

Listen to: Dustin O’Halloran, We Move Lightly



Latin: altum – height; stratus – flattened or spread out

Large, mid-level clouds, the altostratus are thin, with a grey or blue tone. They’’re usually made up of a mixture of water droplets and ice crystals.

They don’’t cast a shadow but are spread over a large area – up to thousands of square miles.

Listen to: Bruce Brubaker, Metamorphosis 2



Latin: nimbus – rainy cloud; stratus – flattened or spread out

These dark grey clouds are thick enough to block out the sun. Often accompanied by continuous heavy rain or snow, they usually cover most of the sky.
If there’’s hail, thunder or lightning though, it’’s a cumulonimbus cloud.

Listen to: Bighoo, Nostalgia



Latin: stratus – flattened; cumulus – heap

These low-level clumps of cloud can be anything from bright white to dark grey. They usually have well-defined bases and can be joined together. They appear in all kinds of weather conditions.

Listen to: Fluid Radio, From The Mouth Of The Sun – Into The Well



Latin: stratus – flattened or spread out

Very low level grey layers or patches of clouds. When they’’re at ground level, we call them mist or fog. They may be accompanied by drizzle or snow.

Listen to: Ambient Musical Genre, The Monk by the Sea – Sunrise



Latin: cumulus – heap

Big, detached ‘fluffy’ clouds that usually appear in fair weather – but if they get bigger, they can produce showers. The tops are brilliant white when lit by the sun, although the bases are darker.

Listen to: Dexter Britain, Lifted



Latin: cumulus – heap; nimbus – rainy cloud

Heavy and dense low-level clouds, cumulonimbus pile high into the sky in huge plumes. Known as thunderclouds, they often have a flat, dark base, just a few hundred feet from the earth’’s surface. These are the clouds associated with heavy, torrential rain, hail, lightning and tornadoes.

Listen to: Jeff Mills – Astronomia



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