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Afternoon Tea | January 5, 2016 |

Five-a-day bakes:

Are vegetable-based cakes and sweets just for health freaks?



Innovative foodie bloggers and chefs have developed baking with vegetables from a niche curio to a popular practice creating genuinely exceptional results from humble ingredients.

Health has led the trend – certain vegetables lend their sweet nature to recreate indulgent puddings but without the calories and sugar count to match.

We’ve rounded up pioneers of the health food blogger world to divulge why veg-powered sweet dishes aren’t just for health nuts and to give you a little inspiration for your next afternoon tea.

The Londoner

A pioneer of cauliflower pizza and courgetti, Rosie Thomas has long-been producing gluten-free veggie-based recipes for her blog, The Londoner, winning hearts with her aptitude for healthy(ish) dishes.

Her recipe: Triplechocofudge avocado cookies

Rosie’s avocado cookies may be perfect for gluten dodgers but they still remain a sweet treat, bursting with healthy fats, vitamin C and potassium.


Image source: The Londoner

Honestly Healthy

Crafting recipes with your body in mind, this foodie collective believes in cooking using healthy ingredients without gluten, wheat or cow’s dairy – but most importantly, they believe in creating dishes that taste great.

Their recipe: Blueberry & courgette muffins

Vegetables such as courgettes are common ingredients in Honestly Healthy’s sweet recipes, delivering a nutritional punch thanks to their low calorie/high vitamin C nature.


Image source: Honestly Healthy

Deliciously Ella

Living a plant-based lifestyle, Ella Woodward believes that eating in a healthy manner isn’t about starvation or deprivation – rather, it’s about embracing natural ingredients to give you an energy boost and nurture your body.

Her recipe: Glazed chilli and beetroot brownies

Ella’s beetroot baking recipes prove that the ruby root vegetable injects an extra dose of antioxidants and provides a surprisingly good texture for that brownie gooeyness.


Image source: Deliciously Ella

Tess Ward

After training at Le Cordon Bleu and gaining experience at Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s River Cottage, The Ritz and Michelin-starred Hardwood Arms, Tess Ward released her first cookbook, focusing on unprocessed ‘naked’ ingredients. Her belief? Count colours, not calories and measure goodness, not grams, with the aim of providing your body with nourishment and to aid digestion.

Her recipe: Filthy sexy healthy chocolate shake

This startlingly-titled shake is a great weapon in the battle against sugar, with sweet potatoes providing depth and creaminess.


Image source: Tess Ward

Hemsley + Hemsley

These foodie sisters firmly believe in getting the maximum nutrition from every homemade mouthful – with gluten, grains and refined sugar firmly on their banned list. But Jasmine and Melissa don’t compromise on taste, while managing to deliver nutrition with every delicious bite.

Their recipe: Avocado chocolate mousse

Are rich, chocolatey desserts your Achille’s heel? If you’re looking for something that will satisfy your cravings but not give you an instant feeling of guilt, Hemsley + Hemsley have created a light recipe with avocados and bananas at its heart.


Image source: Hemsley + Hemsley

That’s your sweet treats sorted – but what about savoury? Discover the best.


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