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Stylish Weekends | June 16, 2016 |

Coffee culture:

Five mugs and magazines to make your break



These magazines go beyond the generic glossies. Full of original thinking, they make for insightful reading and inspirational visuals.

Settle down with your favourite brunch and a fresh pot of coffee and get to know our edit of the UK’s best independent magazines.

  1. Current affairs: Delayed Gratification (quarterly)

Born from a passion for slow journalism, Delayed Gratification curates events of the previous three months in an intelligently reflective way. Giving current events a richer perspective is a refreshing way to consume news – and indulge in a collection of beautiful infographics and stunning imagery at the same time.

Must read: A thoughtful look at the aftermath of the Paris attacks but it’s not just smart writing; slick infographics delve into (fairly) recent events.


Make it perfect: Like Delayed Gratification, Wedgwood doesn’t like to rush at things. Park the coffee pot next to the Jasper Conran Chinoiserie White mug, inspired by the 18th century English trend for designs from the east.

  1. Craft: Pom Pom (quarterly)

Nimble fingered? Pom Pom features knitting, crochet and craft, all with a modern aesthetic. It’s a go-to for creative inspiration, smart writing and engaging photography but offers free patterns, downloads, ‘knitterley’ tales and ‘pomcasts’ too.

Must read: Dip your toes in water, eat cherry pie outside and wear breezy knits over your swimsuit. It’s all here.


Make it perfect: The Mythical Creatures range enjoys the same quirky chic as PomPom magazine. Opt for a pot of tea and settle in. Not sure which blend to choose? Discover tea for all seasons. 

Mythical_Creatures_LS_4 (1)
  1. Fashion: Betty (annual)

Empowering and unifying women lies beneath the spirit of Betty – that and fashion tips, how-to guides and vintage inspiration. As well as the print and digital versions, try the blog and subscribe to social – there are plenty of updates and takeaways to while away a whole afternoon.

Must read: Gather inspired to create those classic summer flavours through the remarkable life of Elizabeth David.


Make it perfect: Taking the best vintage inspiration and making it relevant for today is a philosophy shared by Betty and Wedgwood. The Edme collection is the perfect example; it’s more than a century old but still looks perfect on modern dining tables.

  1. Food: Lunch Lady (quarterly)

Lunch Lady is a recently-launched print (and online) magazine taking a wholesome look at family life – and food. In a world where parenting guides are loaded with messages about the pitfalls of feeding children, Lunch Lady takes a lighthearted, tongue-in-cheek turn and includes art, craft and quirky tales about the daily trials of busy family life. The magazine is created in Australia but the content tackles universal issues and the recipes are great to try out at home. Plus there’s free UK postage for back issues.

Must read: Comfort food for mums of pre-teens is a little dose of humour, support and a rice pudding recipe, all in one.


Make it perfect: Take a proper break from the hubbub of family life with Lunch Lady and a cup of tea served in a delicate Blue Bird teacup and saucer, from one of Wedgwood’s new collections. Don’t let the children borrow your special cup.

  1. Travel: Cereal (bi-annual)

Devoted to travel and style content, Cereal is split into city-specific chapters. From Antwerp to Melbourne, each featured city section comprises tales of people, places and products, alongside a collection of stunning photography – evoking dreams of travel.

Must read: The design-lover’s guide to Tokyo includes an interview with Kenya Hara, Muji’s art director.


Make it perfect: The pared-back luxe of Cereal’s design is the perfect match for the rich elegance of the Arris range. Fill the teapot with equally exotic tea blends (try Wedgwood’s astonishing Taste of History blends) and drift away.



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There’s a certain underrated luxury in curling up with a real printed magazine and no constraints on your time. Enhance it even more by treating yourself to your favourite Wedgwood cup or mug.

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