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Stylish Weekends | April 5, 2016 |

Aussie brunch:

5 easy recipes from the kings of relaxed dining



If the good old British Sunday roast is about relaxed weekend dining, Australians have adopted brunch as their laid-back meal, bringing friends and family together to break bread and catch up.

Of course, we love a good brunch over here but the Aussie cultural melting pot brings a whole new flavour and feel. Take inspiration from these five Australian recipes for lazy weekend cooking. Glorious sunshine you will have to travel for, though.


  1. Ricotta hotcakes with honeycomb butter


Image source: Top with Cinnamon

Nineteen-year-old British food protegée Izy Hossack is the sweet-toothed brains behind the Top with Cinnamon blog and book. Her quest for the perfect breakfast led her to legendary Australian chef Bill Granger. Now with thriving restaurants around the world, he’s internationally acknowledged as the king of brunch.

While America has its pancakes and England its bacon and black pudding-headlined Full English, Australia has ricotta hotcakes. These are Bill’s, recreated with love by Izy.

Eat from: The fuss-free minimalism of Jasper Conran’s White collection.


  1. Breakfast eggs with flaked ocean trout


Image source: What Katie Ate

Fish is a firm favourite in Australian brunch culture. It may be because she’s bursting with the added enthusiasm that comes from being an Irish expat but no one does it better than foodie blogger Katie Quinn Davies.

Aside from her commercial work, Katie shows off her photography and writing expertise in the stylish blog What Katie Ate – and the trio of books that have spilled from it.

We love her breakfast eggs with flaked ocean trout, not just because she advocates washing it down with a glass of prosecco (now that’s our kind of gal), but also for her gorgeous photography. It’s an Instagrammer’s dream.

Eat from: The equally fresh Jasper Conran Chinoiserie White.


  1. Lemon pikelets


Image source: Cook Republic

One for the sweet-toothed. The pikelet has many guises – here in Britain, north Staffordshire folk will know it as a form of oatcake.

In Australia, though, it’s a smaller style of pancake, pan-fried in butter to create a crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside texture.

Sydney-based photographer and author Sneh Roy was brought up in the bustling streets of Mumbai. The colours, sights, smells and culture of those days have informed her cooking style today – her blog Cook Republic is mainly vegetarian and always bursting with flavour.

Here she tackles the all-Aussie pikelet, taking it back to basics with a tangy drench of lemon.

Eat from: The relaxed chic of Jasper Conran’s Tisbury range.



  1. Sugarloaf cabbage with bacon


Image source: Strayed from the Table

An easy recipe to whip up in minutes, this Strayed from the Table dish is the epitome of minimum fuss – you can count the ingredients on one hand.

Not surprising, when you discover that the culinary talent behind Strayed from the Table is Lizzie Moult, a genuine, down-to-earth, Aussie farm girl. Having taken time out to travel in south east Asia and south America, Lizzie has now taken those influences, blended them with her ‘meat and two veg’ upbringing and stirred with her own passion for growing produce.

Eat from: The nature-celebrating Wild Strawberry range.



  1. Corn fritters with avocado salsa


Image source: Recipe Tin Eats

Bill Granger really is riding high at the breakfast table. These corn fritters with avocado salsa are inspired by him, too.

Aussie blogger Nagi Maehashi puts avocado at the heart of this recipe – and we couldn’t write about Australian brunch culture without mentioning the avo. It features heavily on menus from Perth to Brisbane and tops this corn creation.

Japanese-born by Australian-raised Nagi’s blog Recipe Tin Eats is all about creativity. Her globe-trotting tendencies are reflected in her attractive, vibrant food and they’re easy on the purse too.

Eat from: The fresh brilliance of the Palladian range.


Inspired? Why not see how the Americans do it, discover how to Eat the American Dream.


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